Update on our search for a new rector

Posted September 11, 2023

Fr. Chris is doing well in his studies and is preparing to do his student teaching! We continue to pray for discernment in securing a permanent Rector. We have been able to maintain services with the help of retired priests and have been blessed to have our former Rector, Fr. Thomas, fill in to provide Holy Eucharist, and inspire us with his sermons. Fr. Gordon has also been able to help us.

It remains a great challenge to search for a Rector in the current culture of churchgoing decline in our nation. Many parish churches are choosing to permanently close their doors as attendance wanes. Holy Comforter, although currently small in numbers, remains steadfast and hopeful for growth, as we remain committed to parish and community ministries. We continue our stewardship of God’s providence in many ways, preparing for the future of our parish.

Most recently we have replaced the 22-year-old HVAC system to provide a comfortable climate as we gather for worship and fellowship. And … you may also notice some changes outside as well! Our entry doors required some restoration attention to repair the effects of long-term weather erosion, and we decided to paint the doors RED! A welcoming sign to our surrounding community as we invite them to join us, as well as subscribing to their symbolism signaling a place of refuge, the Holy Spirit, and Christ’s blood shed for us.

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